Accessibility statement

We’re committed to ensuring that our website is as accessible to everyone as possible, regardless of their ability. We will continue to review, test and update our website as part of our ongoing commitment.

Web accessibility standards

We are aiming to design this site to meet web accessibility standards at level AA.

We also aim to make sure that:

  • all our images contain appropriate alternative text
  • pages and images are optimised to load quickly and smoothly
  • all foreground and background colours are checked to ensure sufficient contrast
  • our content is easy to understand and free of jargon
  • all pages use headings
  • all forms are navigable by keyboard
  • all forms have submit buttons
  • all links are descriptive
  • we use cascading style sheets to control layout and presentation.


Our website is constantly changing and we’re always looking for ways to improve things. If you have any comments about our website, good or bad, or suggestions for how we can improve it, please contact us.